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Who are we?

Safe Care PC is a support company. We are a leading provider of services and technical support, providing support and solutions for most types of software and hardware. We offer our services by chat, phone or remote access.Our vision is to find the solution to all technical problems as quickly as possible.

We support all brands and almost all devices, in fact we are a one-stop shop for many customers who need technical support.

Life is better if the technology works properly.

Safe Care PC provides world-class technical support services to PC users around the world.

We want to enhance the PC experience by finding exceptional solutions for a wide variety of PC problems. Our services and premium packages are personalized for everything you need and make your online technical support perfect!

What are we doing?

Our team of technical experts will help you solve all kinds of problems, from common problems like updating the software to complicated things like PC configuration, repairing error messages, software removal malicious and more. We simply solve all PC problems, clean the hard drive and optimize your computer for incredible performance.

Why choose us?

Safe Care PC provides advanced technical support for a range of platforms and software, improved performance, and hands-on technical support that every computer needs. We are more than just a support center, we are a support service with a high level of customer satisfaction.

All solutions under one roof

Safe Care PC offers a professional "Palette" service and comprehensive support for a wide variety of technology services and strives to have all existing technology products with network connection service and answers.

Our company implements a variety of professional tools for repair and definition or support and solutions for customers in the field of Mac, PC, Tablet and in the future for smart phones and other Smart TV devices.

Our company provides services through a large community of professional online supporters, talented and skilled professionals in their field. Support staff receive regular training and instructions to be at the forefront of technology and provide services to a growing variety of network devices.

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Company Name: JMF Technology LTD


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